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Welcome to New Creation Church Ministries

We understand that how you worship is a very personal experience and is just as meaningful as where you worship.  We invite you to join our community and walking the path of faith with us.

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Church Outreach Ministries

Following the path that has been laid before us, means more than coming together to worship on Sundays, holidays,  and special occasions. It also means helping those members in our community who may need a helping hand or guidance in finding their path or simply their way back.

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While we are always happy to share New Creation Church Ministries events with you, we also enjoy helping our community members announce their events as well. To that end, we invite you to share your life events with us, so that our voices can join together in singing your praise.

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While we appreciate and rejoice in having you physically join us for our weekly sermons, we understand that life events and circumstances may prevent that from happening. In that understanding , we have made our a few sermons available to you, so that we may commune together in spirit.

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